Friday, March 2, 2012

Charlotte Hodgson (FIDM student) interviews local Hip-Hop artist E-SOD.

Q: What influenced you to start rapping?

A: Artists I heard when I was about eight years old like; Slick Rick, Rakim and 90's Hip-Hop. Because they had more lyrical content and substance to their rhymes.

Q: Do you think people doubt your talent considering your race?

A: Well yes and no because it draws some people in and pushes others away. Some people are attracted to different and others are afraid of it. Personally I think it brings something new to the table than what people would normally consider hip-hop to look like, I'm just being myself.

Q: Do you like the direction hip-hop is heading?

A: Compared to five years ago, yes. I feel like it's becoming more about the rhymes again. And that's good because more people can relate to the music through poetic expression.

Q: What separates you from other artists?

A: I believe that I'm very personal with my lyrics and I don't shy away from talking about individual struggles and fears that I feel everyone faces.

Q: How long have you been rapping?

A: 7 years solid. But even before that I used to goof off and rhyme throughout high school.

Q: Do you view yourself differently now than when you first started?

A: Absolutely, I have grown a lot since I first started...I wouldn't like to meet the younger E-sod haha.

Q: Would you ever consider signing a major record deal?

A: Honestly that's never been apart of my goal. My main focus is to push out music that I'm happy with and anyone that I connect with is the "cherry on top." However, if the right opportunity crossed my path then it would be worth considering.

Q: What album are you most proud of?

A: Well choosing from "Outnumbered by Dead," "The Monster Inside," "Last Words of the Dying," "My Playpens" and "Retribution" By far would be "Outnumbered by Dead." This album captures many descriptive stories from many different perspectives, which go into great detail that captured everything; I wanted to express point on.

Q: Where would listeners be able to get your album?

A: There's a website that listeners can download the entire album for free at Enjoy!

Q: Any words of wisdom to upcoming independent artists?

A: Get a real job haha...Make sure you love doing it and that you stay committed to your art and never pander to an audience, good luck.

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